Ramiro and I are not taking any actual vacations this Summer because of projects deadline and work related schedules, so I have been living for day trips (and swimming opportunities). This past week I got lucky and went on a mini-cation with my best friends at Andrew's cabin. Andrew was the first one in our crew to purchase a country home (it's lake side too, swoo-oon) but country living dreams are something we have shared ever since becoming friends many years ago. It was beyond magical and maybe my favorite few days of a great Summer so far. Oh how I love this season! Virginie XO

Think Andrew's cabin is SO pretty? See my trip there last year here :)



The Secret Spot is one of my favorite Summer tradition (we made some amazing memories last year as well as the the year before. It's the coolest place to swim (although the water was SO cold this year!) and there is literally nobody else there. The miles and miles of sand make me dream of exotic locations and prompted Ramiro and I to make plans to go visit his family is Acapulco in the next year. I definitely left a part of my heart there when he first took me almost seven years ago and I can't wait to go back!
I've been getting quite a bit of questions on how I take my pictures lately and the truth is, 99% of the photos on the blog are autoportraits as I take them myself. I'm working on a post to share some of my favorite tips for taking pictures with a tripod and remote (including a cool new remote Ram gave me for IPhonographie). Stay posted for more! Virginie XO

ps: I always bring two bathing suits as I don't like to stay in wet clothes. The bikini above is from F21 and Simons and the stripe playsuit is from American Apparel. Sunnies are from F21


LIFE LATELY / 18.07.2014

I am enjoying living in the country oh so much! But is fly season over yet? I don't want to brag, but if we did a mosquito bites contest, I'd totally win. 
I keep discovering new berries growing on our land. I picked the first wild blueberries, strawberries and raspberries this week and have been looking for creative ways to cook with the rhubarb that grows next to our house. So far I have burnt two cakes and made half decent bars...
I have been feeling a little... frazzled? Anxious? Filled with doubts? And hiking has been my peace of mind / salvation. That and naked swimming every chance I get. I live far from civilization, so there is no one around when I do, don't worry mom.
My Dad came to visit us and brought many boxes of old stuff of mine he had at his farm. There was a box of clothes in which I found these Luscious overalls I bought when I was 18. Good news: overalls are back in style and these still fit!
And stargazing is fast becoming our favorite romantic date. It's amazingly beautiful how well we can see the stars and galaxies far away from the city. I could look at the sky for hours and hours...

Have a great week-end everyone! Virginie XO



I can't believe it's been a full 4 months since I started this project, holy zucchini, time flies! When I first planted the seeds, I was expecting to complete this project in the city, on my small balcony. And when we fell in love and unexpectedly purchased our first home far away from the city and up in the mountain, I became a bit nervous with how the plants were going to react to moving and changing atmosphere. As I feared, a few of the plants didn't make it; it was the case of the corn plant and the cucumber plant (which I suspect I had started a bit too early in the season, I'll try it again next year by planting seeds in May). Once we had moved on June first, I moved the plants outside (up to them they had lived inside at all times) and although most loved the sun and fresh air, the pole beans plant kind of got burnt and now it's still alive (and producing some vegetables), but it went from being the plant that was doing best to the ugly duckling of the group.
For some other plants, it was the opposite. Exhibit A: the cilantro plant. It was my most challenging plant in our old apartment and now, with a lot more sun exposure, it's on fire! Good thing too because this family eats lots and lots of cilantro. We also find the one we seeded to be tastier than grocery store cilantro. Exhibit B: the zucchini plant. You may remember I had dropped it early on and it definitely hasn't been the same since. I wasn't excepting much outcome from this plant, but again with more sun it has doubled in size and is now flowering. Yay! And exhibit C: the brocoli plant. It was the smallest when we moved a month ago and now look at it! It's huge!
We also continue to discover wild fruits growing on our land. The strawberries are starting to mature and we can see the raspberries and blueberries appear although they have a way to go (I think I will be able to pick them around the end of the month maybe). I also found we have gigantic rhubarb plants in our forest and although it's not a fruit I am used to cooking with, I've been experimenting to pretty great results!

For this step of the growing process, I have been feeding the plants an organic fertilizer every 2 weeks (instead of once a month) and watering them smaller quantities of water twice a day. In the hotter season, water is so important for your plants as they absolutely need it to do their photosynthesis. I have found that an even watering is important as well, as some plants, notably the tomato plants, will show signs of unhappiness if not. Finally, I have also discovered that wind is not the friend of  your veggie plants and that finding a quiet spot with lots of sun is key to success. I can't wait to start harvesting! Still so glad I decided to do this experiment :)

If you have questions about the process, meet me on Instagram! You can also view the beginning of the project here and it's first update here. Next update in a month with, I hope, some veggies to show for it! Virginie XO

ps: I am wearing a lace top from Oasap, a Swarovski pendant and vintage Levi's cut off and boots.



Last April our feature film CLYDECYNIC received its very first award at the Amsterdam International Film Festival for Cinematography in World Cinema. The first award of my first feature film? That's something that only happens once in a lifetime! This week we received the trophy in the mail and I almost cried (after giving a fake speech to a non existant audience). Isn't SO pretty too? I'm proud (and super humble) that the award is concerning the cinematography of our film since we took the risk of going without a DOP (Ramiro, who is also the director, was his own DOP and shot the whole film with only one camera assistant). Our images were created with two Canon 7Ds + prime lenses and DIY stabilizers and rigs, not the most impressive set up to say the least, as we were working with a micro budget. By embracing our technical limitations, our goal was to create a photography style that is elegantly efficient and pragmatic. Although I wouldn't necessary recommend all indie filmmakers  go without a DOP, I'm glad to see that following our instinct and taking a risk paid off in this specific situation. Many thanks to the Amsterdam International Film Festival for this recognition, Virginie XO

ps: I'm wearing a dress c/o eShakti which offers a made to your size service that is amazing and makes for a great fit, I love my dress! eShakti is offering Virginie's Cinema readers 10% off all orders with the code vcinemas  (+ you get 25$ off your purchase when you register for the first time!). Heels are my favorite Seychelles :)