LIFE LATELY 18.04.2014

The return of true magic hour and warmer weather (although, there is still lots of snow)
Started new seeds for the garden project. I'm adding beets, broccoli and corn (my soulmate food!) and also started more cilantro for Ram
Donuts for breakfast on my birthday. And pretty much all day that day.
We have been visiting houses outside the city and found the one! I'll be sharing more soon :)
Billie has been wanting to spend all her time outside, so we've been putting our covered terrasse to good use
The brighter days of Spring that finally shine upon my city after a very long winter

Just a few of the little things making my every day magical. Isn't Spring just the best? I haven't been taking enough photos for the past few months but intend to change that now that we can actually go outside. Happy long week-end everybody! Virginie XO



31 days ago today, I started a little garden project without giving it more thought than simply wanting to learn more about self sufficiency. I have always dreamed of living in the country, in a farm or in the forest since I was a very little girl but never had a garden of any kind beyond summer herbs.  this Because I knew I would be spending more time home this past winter than I have in the past years, I decided it was the time like never to experiment with gardening.

It was with much nervousness and not much of a green thumb that I decided to start the plants from seeds, a way that is much more cost effective. I bought a Jiffy pellet seed starter (5$) and decided to do one full row of the followings: tomatoes, mini tomatoes, pole beans, yellow zucchini, cucumber and cilantro (I spent 10$ on the seeds). I followed the instructions on the Jiffy box to use the pellets and seed; then I moved them to the brightest room in my home, and boosted the heat at 24 degrees. It,s important that the seeds have heat, but no direct sun light at this point.
Within the first few days, I could see the seeds starting to sprout. I was so excited (and so was Ramiro honestly!).  After only a week, the sprouts were growing. When the first two leaves appeared on the sprout, it was time to pot them. I was scared of this step because I have accidentally killed plants by repotting them before, so I was a bit apprehensive. I first potted the pole bean, cucumber and zucchini plants as they had grown little roots and were clearly ready. The tomato and mini tomato sprouts as well as the cilantro sprouts were much smaller and weaker so I waited another week before potting them. When potting I used organic soil (10$ a bag) and organic fertilizer (8$ container and I will have enough forever). I didn't know before, but fertilizer us the plant's food so they need it. My plan is to use the fertilizer once a month. 

I used pots I already had to keep the cost of my project really effective. Some of the post are self watering, some aren't, so I made sure to add stone and leave space for irrigation at the bottom.
After a week of potting the pole beans already needed treillis. I went to a few hardware stores around my city and couldn't find any (probably because it's off season here, it's still snowing and all) so I made my own with wooden chopsticks, wool and washi tape. It doesn't look like much, but it does the trick!
I have now added treillis to the cucumber and zucchini plants since and everything has been good so far! The process has been really fun, seeing something grow everyday is definitely underrated! It has been profoundly inspiring to me and although it's more a logistical reason than anything else, I'm glad the house garden is in my office most of the time as it is sun drenched. 
I live in a small apartment in the heart of down town (there is literally a bus stop and a light out my bedroom window) and started the garden in a size that is realistic for the outside space that I have (8X10 balcony) and the direct sun light I have (about 3.5 hours a day). I have found that you can't be scare of moving the plants around the house to chase the sun (as seen in picture above) to maximize exposure as well (I put mine in the living room when we get direct sunlight in). My plants are going to stay inside until June 1st, when I will slowly start bringing them outside in the day and slowly getting them adjust before they spend the summer outside. 

I'll be posting monthly updates on the blog on how cultivating this garden has worked for our little family. I've also been sharing bits of the garden project on Instagram, so be sure we connect if you have any questions! Virginie XO

ps: my overalls are from Forever 21, my boots are vintage and my t-shirt is from UO



I recently realized that I don't share a lot of French films on the blog although I watch a lot (and am French) so consider this the first francophile film post of more to come! 99 Francs is a film inspired from the best seller book written by Frederic Beigbeder in 2000. I tells the story of Octave, an excessive and cynical young parisian publicist who's life comes undone when he falls for Sophie (Vahina Giocante je t'aime tant). It's a dark and humorous look into the world of publicity and a bitter comment of the amount of images we consume and the lifestyle of the industry. Jean Dujardin is never better in my opinion (ooh mon coeur!) and it's a great film for you and your better half. It does contain drugs and partial nudity, so be warned (but I mean it's a French film, what do you expect). Hope you enjoy it! Virginie XO


LIFE LATELY 17.03.2014

* siberian weather and their fur accessories *
* snow as far as the eyes can see in quebec city *
* dog cat naps and springtime dreams *
* curing winter blues with way too much sugar *
* finally making "the extra room " in our home into a room we can use, aka my home office (yay!) *
* faking spring inside with pretty flowers that make me smile *
* being inspired by above flowers to grow all kinds of vegetables from seeds *
* spending long hours writing and refusing to go outside until the temperatures rise *
* what we'll be "harvesting" this summer in my balcony garden... if all goes well *

The past month has been really busy and full of emotions. I have cabin fever big time (don't we all this time of year?) and look forward to playing outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin! The best remedy has been the mini garden I have been growing from seeds, I swear it grows daily and we are all fascinated by it around here. Let hang in there guys, Spring is almost here! Virginie XO



This year, I didn't take a specific resolution but rather made a few bigger goals, some personal and some career oriented. One of my biggest career goals I made is to write my first feature length script. I was very involved in the writing of a few projects, including CLYDECYNIC, but I've been wanting to explore different genres and themes on my own for a while and finally feel ready to do it. Yee haw!

So the goal is: write one feature film in 2014. But the challenge, and what I really would like to accomplish, it to complete two full scripts by the new year. The one I am currently working on and a horror script. I guess we'll see how it goes! At first I thought about adopting a method from a screenwriting book (hello Dov S. S. Siemens!) but ended up moving away from the idea to take a more organic approach because I feel ready to do so. The first week I concentrated on writing everyday about the characters and the universe they live in. Then into the second week I started putting down a timeline of the first act and wrote the first 5 scenes without dialogue. I tell you, I have been enjoying creative writing big time!
So far this process has been unfolding mostly in a warm corner of my home office with Billie as my little assistant and to a very pop soundtrack. I'm excited to see how this goal takes life and promise to share the journey/progress/heartache here every few weeks. Have an inspiring week-end everyone! Virginie XO

For comments or questions, connect with me on Instagram :)

ps: my red flats from Forever 21, skinnies are Levis and peplum t-shirt is from UO